Not Getting Enough Gas?


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93 Club Car, I keep it at the golf course, Drive it to get my clubs runs fine to the clubhouse then, tee off, hole 1 to hole 2- it doesn't want to hardly run, have to choke some and hold petal 1/2 way down... get to somewhere on hole 3 it finally smooths out....HELP! I changed the fuel filter still does it.
(Start on Hole #3 ? ) LOL


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Rough running till it gets warm is a sign of possibly a few different things wrong.

1: Make sure there is not a dip in the pulse line from the block to the fuel pump. It could be a place where oil could set causing low fuel pressure. By the 3rd hole, it could clear its self. When shut down for the day, it could slowly puddle in the dip again and start your problems all over in the morning.

2: Make sure your air box is on right. These Club Cars ar very air sensitive. If you don't get the lid one just right, it could draw too much air in and you would have to choke it a lot to get it going till it warmed up. Then it would seam to run fine but have a little to a lot of lost power. Depends on how bad the lid is not sealed.

3: You could try cleaning the carb but I really doubt this will help since you said it ran fine after the 3rd hole. This shows that it is capable of running fine. If the carb was dirty, it would not get better with time. Maybe you could check the low idle mixture screw and make sure it is turned out 3/4-1 1/2 turns out. Basiclly turn it in all the way (not tight) then back out 3/4 turn and try it. You may have to back it out more. It may not be getting enough low idle fuel when cold.

4:Weak spark. You could have posibly a limiter, ignitor or coil going bad. But this is another thing I really doubt. Most electrical problems show up more when the engine is warmed up. Not when you first start it. But then crazier things have happened.

5:weak fuel pump. You can check this by pulling the fuel line off at the carb and try starting it. It should have a nice pulse to it. No fountain spray. Maybe pump out 1/2". Also check the other line off the carb if it is there. It is a vent line. If that gets plugged, it will run rough.

I hope you get it running right. I don't get topic reply notifications from here for some reason so it may be awhile before I check back to see how you made out. Take care and good luck.