not charging at all


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hey my son replaced all the batterys in the golf cart we got and its not charging at all any solutions to fix this please let me know


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Just from the info you have given you have two things that could have of happened

1 the batteries are connected incorrectly
2 the two small wires (charge wires) did not get reconnected to the battery pack
The easiest thing to do is... If you can grab another charger from your neighbor/friend and see if it works. If it does your OBC is bad. That's your on board computer located behind the batteries. The OBC is the plastic box where your main negative wire runs through.


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1st thing we need to find out is if its a 36 volt cart or 48 volt cart.......if a 36 volt cart there is no OBC if its a 48 volt cart that still dosn,t mean its an OBC problem so how about some info like year and voltage......did charger work before battery install???......................................