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Hello to everyone. I am brand new to this forum. I am looking to start a project here real soon and thought I would see how much info this forum has to offer. I have a ton of questions but will start with the basics first. My initial plans is to have a lifted, street legal , motorcycle engine driven, badass cart. Heres the questions....

1. best cart to go with to achieve my goals
2. best engine to go with....Im thinking cbr600
3. any issues I should be concerned with doing the engine install
4. Is an electric model ok to start with or should i look for a gas model

We will start there and Im sure there will be alot more ?s later. Thanks for any and all help you guys can give me!!


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welcome to the forum

couple of things

where are you located??
when you say street legal do you mean LSV street legal???
if you mean normal street legal good luck ... in most states even in cusomt construction there are dot and weight requirments...

i dont have pics but i have seen where a guy made a sproket to work with the electric cart rear end but then you have no reverse...

with the gas rearend you have reverse....

there will be more to chime end and give you some ideas... post many pics of your build and ggod luck


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the only way a bike engine works well is to run a live axle, just not enough gearing in a GC diff to get any kind of speed