Noland Golf Cart


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HI - I have a Noland Golf Cart (year? Serial # 20384). This cart has run great for us for two years, but now the brakes don't work, and we are having problems with the pedals sticking. We took this cart into the only golf cart repair shop we could find in our area and he said that we need a master cylinder but parts were too hard to find and he didn't have time to mess with it, then preceded to show us carts that he had for sale. We love this cart with its forward facing rear seat and would like to repair it. I have done a search for parts on the internet and come up with very little Noland parts. So my question is are there any brake and pedal parts from other manufactures that would be interchangeable with this cart? Also if anyone knows the year of this cart I would appreciate it. I can post pics of the cart if that helps if someone could tell me how. Thanks!


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Well I did some quick looking around and you are right there is not much support for Noland carts.

I will keep my eyes open for you.



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If ypu could find another master cylinder that will fit and has the same hook up then it will work. you may have to do a lil fabricating on the bracket but it don't HAVE to be Noland cylinder. check out the older trucks/ cars try to match it up the best u can. btw the master cylinders can be rebuilt.


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I just acquired a Noland golf cart ser# 20806 4 forward facing seats with a 4 ft. bed any idea where to find info on this long limo?