Noisey 88 Gas Engine


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I hope somebody out there can help me, I have noticed a strange knocking sound from my engine. It only seems to do it every fourth full crank rotation on the compression stroke. When I rock the crank back and forth when I hear the knocking it feels like backlash in gears. So thought is it anything to do with the valves, but with having no information on the internal workings of the engine I have no idea on how to look deeper into engine to investigate the niose. So has anybody had this sort of noise before and fixed it so that I could be pointed in the right area of the fault. Also does anybody have any info on how to take the engine to pieces, and if I need some parts to correct the fault were could I get them from. (But they need to shipped to the UK, had a problem with a few that don't ship to the UK) Any help, any info welcome.

Thanks Adie