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Picked up my 99TXT a couple of weekends ago from the campground. I have a 99 workhorse I bought last fall and am rebuilding the 350 out of this cart to put in the TXT. When I took out the TXT it ran great. My nephew pulled the 295 engine out of the TXT and put it into the workhorse. He took it out for about two minutes and it stalled. We now have no spark. We have changed the coil with another one (used) we think is good. Still no spark, we are stumped. Initially my nephew had some has lines hooked up wrong and filled the internels of the engine with gas, Could this have damaged something.? I need trouble shooting help. I hope this is okay to ask, I am sure this has been asked before but I was not sure where to search the forums for this. Thank you in advance.


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well the gas in the block would not affect the spark, my guess would be lack of power to the ignitor or the ignitor is burned out. swap it out with the other one and see if it starts, if it does check the battery voltage to make sure its not over charging, anything over 16v will burn them out.
Another spot to check is... while running youre cart wiggle the connection that the black and red wire or the red and white connect to the ignition coil. There is a little white plug that connects youre coil to the harness. I had a cart yesterday that I changed the ignitor, coil, and the pulsar coil and nothing gave me spark. Then I remembered that one of the tech guys told me a while back that, that plug has caused alot of problems!! Just a simple check
Nubs/Radical-Thanks for the replies. Pardon my ignorance, I just need clarification. The coil is the assembly mounted on the bracket on the side of the motor with the leads going to the spark plugs, correct?. What /where is the igniter and the pulsar coil? Thanks again
Yes the coil is mounted on the bracket. The pulsar coil is mounted behind the cooling fan, and the ignitor is right next to the solenoid.... it will have at least 5 different colored wires running into it.
Radical-Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to test each componant to determine if it is good or not beside just swapping them out?


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There are 5 wires coming from the ignitor. Facing you, the two wires on right edge go to the pulsar. Just follow rthe color. Check if firmly connected. No or loose connection will result in "no spark" situation.

The middle wire in the ignitor is colored black. This is ground. Connect it to the body. Better still, connect it to the A1 of the starter gen.

The two left wires (red and orange) ultimately will end up in the ignition coil. The red one, though, passes first thru the solenoid (live side-small terminal). Note that the other small terminal of the solenoid goers to body ground.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply:Great information I will save this. Status update: I checked all of the connections again and still could not get it going. I called a local private mechanic that fixed my 75Horsepower Mariner outboard on my pontoon a couple of years ago. He ohmed a bunch of wires and found a bad one. Called me and said it is ready to go. Cost me $30.00 to fix. Just need to go pick it up now.