No Reverse


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I have a 2002 Club Car Electric I.Q. 48 volt Regen and had some problems with a battery. Got that fixed, I think, but now the reverse doesn't work. When you put it in reverse the solenoid clicks and then clicks again, but no movement. Put it in forward and it does fine. Was thinking it may be the F/R switch so I looked at the posts concerning that, slamming it back and forth, checking the connections, and with no improvement. I am new to this forum and if this is an easy fix sorry about the question but I am at a loss. Any suggestions??


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i,m just gonna take a stab at this but those switches wern,t the best made, however if the soleniod is clicking than it sounds like the switch may be working............did you check your cables at motor to make sure all are tight and one didn,t break?..............................