no reverse


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I have a 1984 club car the cart sat for yrs in a field,got new batteries,hooked em up and nothing. I turned the rear wheel and hit the gas,woo hoo it worked but no reverse. I know the brushes were gunked up,drove it around the yard kinda slow but got better. I think the brushes are getting better "seating" but noticed a clicking noise and a slight burning smell nothing too bad, does it sound like since the cart sat for so long it is just burning off some crud. the reverse is connected 18v position the third battery,but no rev,any thoughts


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I would start with a wiring diagram & make sure you dont have a broken or disconnected wire somewhere. As old as the cart is & as long as it has sit & the "SLIGHT BURNING SMELL"
is not good.... if you need a wiring diagram let me know & i can email ya one.


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also the cart has a 1/2 speed reverse system thats why 18 volts and thats normal..............its a safety thing.........................................