no reverse only half forward


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hi guys, i am working on my dads ol style 1993 ezgo 36 volt, finally got all the batteries charging, got the charger working, and i can get it to go forward to half throttle, but stops when going full throttle. also, the reverse isnt working at all. there is 2 very small red wires, and 1 very small black wire that appear they go to the buzzer, but arent connected on the other end. the wiring diagram i have doesnt show these wires. when i operate the 2 micro switches on the forward and reverse switch, i hear clicking as though they are working. Are these wires in fact the buzzer? Where do i need to start troubleshooting and testing for the reverse, and full throttle forward. It is the older style that doesnt have all the new electronic parts. plate says j1093.