No radio in '02 Villager-4, 48v, IQ?


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Shopping for stereo for my '02 DS Villager-4, 48v, IQ and was told by Dealer/Custom Shop that the radio portion of a stereo would not work in it. He told me that the CD would work fine but that the standard controller generated RF that would completely over-ride the radio signals while the cart is in motion.

Is that true? Anyone know of this problem? Surely, if true, there is a way around such a problem? I asked about filtering, etc. and he said that it was not coming through the wiring (had tried separate battery, etc.), that is was truly RF through the air. He had not tried a different make controller.

Sure would like to hear from anyone that knows something about it.




Every cart and radio is different. The only way you'll know is put the radio in and go from there. Keep the radio, speaker and antenna wires as far from the controller as you can. A RF filter in the positive radio wire can help sometimes. Your chances are better with the radio wired to a separate 12 volt battery. Also I've had good luck fixing the problem by coiling up the extra antenna cable as close to the radio as possible.


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One of the people in the park here used a "MARINE ANTENNA" and solved his problem? His Club Car is a 2004 if that makes any difference? I dont know anything about different antenna's so I can only take him at his word.


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Thanks "craig tn", "HotRodCarts" and "DWS".

DWS, do you know if the antenna he used vertically polarized or horizontal? Could make some difference I guess, depending on where it is mounted.

Don't plan to spend the cash for a new controller from another manufacturer just to take care of it, but would be interested if it would???

Thanks again...