No Power to Solenoid


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I have a 87 Club Car electric golf cart that will not go. I have checked the volts on the main solenoid at the 2 small terminals and there's no power to the solenoid. The solenoid shows 0 volts with the pedal pushed to floor. How many volts should this be showing at the solenoid? If i jump the 2 large terminals on the main solenoid it will run. I am thinking of replacing the speed control box that the throttle rod hooks to do you think this will solve my problem?


Small terminals with key on should have 36 volts. The main solenoid has to activate to let the cart run. When you say you jumped the solenoid was the key on or off? If the key was on and you didn't touch the gas pedal and it ran you have the wires crossed up.
If you did have the key on and pressed the pedal then the solenoid is bad, just replace it.