No One Can Firgure This Problem Out


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2005 EZ-GO TXT: I've had this cart for two years and have had the same problem for 2 years. The cart runs great and always has, but sometimes when I stop and then press on the peddle to make it go again, nothing happens. Forward or reverse, nothing happens. This doesn’t occur every time, yet sometimes it will happen 2 or 3 times in one day or not for a week or two. To get it going again, I have found that if I put on the parking brake and then step on the pedal (sometimes once, sometime 5 or 6 times) the cart will work again.

BIT OF INFO. I have two Autistic children I drive around on the cart a couple times a day for about 30 to 45 minute each time, so the cart does get a lot of use. Is it possible that the motor could be overheating?

Also the cart place where I purchased it took it in 3 times to try to find the problem but could not find anything. They said they checked the wires for shorts or loose connections, but found nothing. They also replaced the solenoid twice because they thought that could be the problem. I also think they change out something at the pedal. I remember them saying they had to pull the floor up in order to do it.
Also, when you step on the pedal, no sound is detected.

ANY IDEAS? If I have to live with this, fine, but it would be nice to fix it.


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mine does it sometimes. i move switch f/r back once or twice and it works. usually only happens after its stopped or charged. never at a stop sign.


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Sounds like a loose connection. The vibration from the park brake releasing maybe helping connection.


Try putting the cart in diagnostic mode and driving it until the problem happens or you get trouble codes. There's should be a label on the controller cover with instructions for diagnostic mode. If not you can get them from the EZGO resource section on the main forum here.
Is the riding you do at a slow pace?Does it only happen when you have passengers? There is a neighbor where I live that has experienced the same symptoms with her cart, same year and model.After much searching and chasing wires and burnt controllers I determined the controller was overheating and shutting down.The solution for this cart was to drive a little faster , not run constantly at 1/4 throttle, and stop and let the controller cool off a bit.Seems the extra weight and slow pace caused a lot of heat build up in the controller. The controller did get upgraded only because it eventually burned out.