No Gas getting to engine


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I have a 1988 club car, gas powered cart used very little. Has not been ran in about 7 years. I drained all the old gas out and put in fresh. Changed both fuel filters and spark plug. The cart ran right out of the barn without doing any of these things but then started giving me problems about 30 minutes later at the camp ground. Took off carb and cleaned it since then and put it back on which the cart ran fine for about 50 feet then will not run. Turns over good just no gas on the spark plug. Getting fuel surges out of the gas line when I disconnected it from the fuel tank and also from near the carburator. I also have fuel coming out of the bowl when I loosen the nut on the bottom so I know that I have fuel getting into the carb. When I go to blow air through the carb with my mouth over the fuel inlet I cannot blow through it. I am just about to give up on this and take it to a mechanic but hoped that someone could help me on this forum first. It may be something simple that I am overlooking. Carb has been taken off and cleaned twice now so really think that it may be an adjustment problem or something. No visible holes in any of the lines but can take those off and check alot better if anyone thinks that is the problem. Thank you for your time.


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Sounds like the main jet is clogged..Pull the carb and clean every little hole inside, pull the jet and mixture screws and blow some air through them.To keep the setting you had on the mixture screws, count how many turns "in" untill they stop, then take them out. When you put them back in, just turn them all the way in, and back them out that number of turns...You can use torch tip cleaners to clean the tiny not use the torch tip cleaner on the needle valve, one scratch in the seat and it will leak..You prolly got a little peice ar dirt in the fuel line to the carb when you changed the filter, especially if the lines are a bit old..Thats what happened to me, when I pushed the new filter in the line it must have scraped off a tiny piece of rubber, and off it went to the carb..Hope this helps.


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you really have to take your time on the carb get a peice of wire and go thur every hole in every jet and you really need a compressor to blow thur every opening..............take your time use carb cleaner to spray parts as your cleaning and push air thur every opening you can find and don,t forget about the main jet.......take it out and go over it well...........9 out of 10 times this will work but there is that 10th time that no matter what you do you need bite the bullet and replace the mechanic needed...........................