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I have a 2000 TXT with the f/r switch below my right knee. I had rev but no foward. I used sandpaper on the cable ends connecting to the sw but no luck. Today I found that hammering the switch lever (where it enters the sw assembly) forward fixed it, for now. The sw lever is held on by a nut, perhaps it allowed some slippage. But I suspect that the sw is marginal and I will need to replace it soon ($187 from EZ Go). I talked to a cart mechanic who advised replacing the sw rather than rebuilding it...he has had bad luck with repaired switches.


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I rebuild the switches all the time and never have any problems. Depending on how bad the contacts are you can try sanding them. If the board is burnt your best bet is a new board and 8 contact studs and possibly a new cam/springs and it's as good as new. While your rebuilding I'd install heavy duty buss bars.

Or if you want to replace the complete switch here's one for $110 from RadicalGolfCarts.
EZGO Forward and Reverse Switch