No fire


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Just acquired a 94 gas clubcar. I bought this from a friend who just delivered it. It has not been used much and he says he started it up and drove it on the trailer. It would not stay running enough to drive off. We could get it to start by chock and starting fluid then it quit firing. I know I probably have a trash/gas problem. The no fire problem.. he said that this has happened before and he would wiggle the wires at the bottom of the engine and it would start firing again. I could get it to fire if I held wires in a certain way but now with all the wiggling the the wire tab is broke off one of electronic components. After searching the internet I figured out the black box at the bottom of the engine is a RPM limiter and the wire prong is broke off the ignitor. He says I do not need either of these and took them off. He now says since there is no fire I need to order a new coil. I can see possibly starting without the limiter but the ignitor sounds important. Can anyone tell me the function of these two pieces and are they as important as I think. This is a Kawasaki engine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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My cart had a no spark issue and I replaced the igniter and it solved the problem. I am no mechanic, but I think the igniter is the equivelent of the condenser in the old distributor setup. It is very important.

The rev limiter, on the other hand, just keeps the engine from exploding. This is not important. haha.

Actually, if my rev limiter had been bad, I would have bought a "tinytach" for around $35, instead of the $100+ limiter. As I understand, the test is to disconnect the ground wire, or unplug the white wire. You just want to disable it. If the engine works without it, then that unit is probably grounding out.

But, I would vote igniter! And if you google search John Deere part #M70114, you can find the part for very cheap as opposed to the $70+/- that club car wants for it.