No click from a new solenoid


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I installed an Alltrax XCT 400/400 AMP Solenoid combination in my EZGO TXT. Fresh 48 volt battery pack, ignition switch, F/R switch and wiring/cabling. Was a 36V/PDS drive system before.

My dilemma is that I am getting nothing at the solenoid.

When I turn the key to "on" there is no click from the solenoid. Have checked voltage into the big bolts on it and it is at 48Volts. Tried checking small bolts for voltage but not getting anything there. I don't think any power is getting to them when I have the cart in "run", key switch "on", F/R switch in "F" and the pedal depressed.

And this seems strange to me. At the key switch, I get 48 V going in through one contact and nothing through the other with the key off. When I turn the key "on" I get 7.65V across each of the contacts which is weird in my mind.

Don't know whether I have a problem in how the key switch is wired, or at the pedal box, or something else.

Pictures below of the solenoid wiring and the key switch.

I am lost. Can someone offer any guidance on some diagnositcs I can run?

Thanks in advance.



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Glen Batchelor

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7v across what contacts, the switch? Check voltage relative to B-, not across the terminals.
Check the 3 wires on the F/R switch for system voltage. One of them should have supply voltage, the other 3 are control lines back to the controller.