No Buzzer, No Anything

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Hey all. Here's the story, I had a battery blow a terminal stud out of the battery while driving. Of course it scared the crap out of my daughter and her friend who were on the cart. Trojan replaced the battery, the cart is dead. Charger won't kick on, no reverse buzzer, no fault codes. Nothing. Reed switch looks as though it has already been bypassed. What should I do? ANY advice will be appeciated. 05 pds 36v


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Have you checked the battery pack voltage?

Memphis Mafia

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Thanks for the welcome, may not want me round. I went to test the voltage and had to find a new batt for my tester. That took half an hour (stupid 9 volt). When checking the voltage I realized my mistake. I set the new battery in and wired it backwards. Neg to Neg, Pos to Pos. All is good now. I will understand if you revoke your "welcome".
Sorry and Thanks


Believe me your not the first one to put a battery in backwards so don't be to hard on yourself...

Thanks for the follow up...


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Don't sweat the small stuff, we've all done dumber things than that.

Glad all is well!
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