NGKRA March 6th race

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For a preview of the World's Fastest Golf Cart's video's...You gotta come over to his stomping grounds. I'm sure you all know where to find him!!!
Rod, I think you know me well enough that I didn't want to come to your site and then send people to my site.............but seeing how you asked then go to www.plum to the bottom of the home page click on the top right hand vid. time 7.06 speed 92.93mph...........this run was with a .5 second roll off and the 60' time was 1.5 running 3/4 power because of braking both axles and braking gear shaft in rear. I hope that takes care of the name thing. Now as far as the BEST times and speed I've run..........well I'll be posting that as soon as I take care of a few details..............Thanks Rod for the plug, Robby Steen Plum Quick Motors


Really I had no idea who you were until just now. I had no idea you were from PQ.
So basically I guess I was correct when I said this site isn't good enough for you to post pictures, videos and info on your race. Not that thats a problem I was just wondering why?
Rod, the problem is not the site! The problem is I don't post pictures or vids or anything else other than type............because I've never done it......I know thats BAD..........but it is what it is.............Maybe next time Andy drops by I can get him to show me how to do this stuff.........If You or Andy want to pull some or any of our pictures or vids to post over here, well that would be great, but Rod over the past 5+ years you have never seen me post pictures or vids on my on site, all the stuff over there is done by the web master. I'm just shooting to you from the hip, so please don't go there about your site not being good enough for me.I know you know better than that. Thanks Robby


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Welcome to the daycare... If ya wanna look, ya can, or I can have someone look for you. Or you don't have to look at all.


I think Robby forgot about some of his rudeness and over here. Or maybe that's why he comes here hidden 10+ times a day so he can remind himself that he likes to talk smack to....