Ney Guy With a Harley Davidson Three 3 Wheel Golf cart

Don B.

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As title says; I am the new owner of a 73 H-D 3 wheel gas (model D I think)
I got it just "given" to me by a buddy, 2 days ago; I didn't think it possible but this guy's a bigger pack rat than me....
I remember HD carts from when I was a kid but I never knew that HD made (or "marketed" at least) 1) electric models (mine isnt)
2) steering wheel models (mine IS) I remember the tiller handle gas powered ones ONLY)
3) 4 wheel carts (mine isn't)

the guy I got it from had the gas tank boiled out 3 weeks ago and has not reinstalled it; it has a fuel delivery problem; theres a Tillotson kit in a box of "spare parts" I got with it; I guess the PO's son did "1/2 a rebuild"; so thats where I will head 1st; (didnt use all the parts)
it runs on gas sprayed in the carb throat I guess; its still in the bed of my pickup. Labor day weekend and all I havent yet messed with it other than to hunt (unsuccessfully) online for parts and read thru some of the (included) manual I got.

the worst part so far is the bodywork; the PO knew nothing about fiberglass work and it SHOWS! I wish he'd have just left it alone; it truly looked better cracked up!
I want to get it running 1st but if I succeed I will be wanting body parts; not "perfect"? OK as I can do fiberglass work and I'd rather be the "1st guy" to fix parts I find (if they need it)

Supposedly they did a compression test and got 115 one way and 120? the other; I have worked on 2 strokes before but not "reversible" ones; how would compression NOT be equal either direction? (it may be just "them"; I would have to verify)

One issue I guess is that when they did have it running it would not go in Reverse; there is a brand new F-N-R switch on it and incl with the cart was a receipt for the PO having spent $185 (yikes; is this what I'm in for? that sounds crazy) for a new F-N-R switch from a "vintage cart parts" in WA state;

Though I am 120% all about fixing up and having "old" and American made things (my daily driver is an 83 Dodge 3/4 ton; they will pry my fingers from that truck!) and easily "blow a gasket" when all I can find is "made in China/Japan/Taiwan" if this thing is gonna be THIS expensive, IDK;
I love car shows, tractor shows, auctions, flea markets, camping ("real" camping in a TENT)
but as I am on Disability for a real bad leg injury a while back, events like these kill me.
(I will tell that tale later) so while I am VERY "mechanical" in nature (I was a front end alignment guy for 18 years then worked Ind. maintenance in a steel mill prior to injury) and a cart like this will very much come in handy, and be well used (and maintained)
my being given this cart was a complete unexpected "surprise" but if everything for them is this crazy expensive I won't be able to keep it up.

I remember my Dad buying me a '73 (coincidentally same yr as this cart) Harley 90CC "dirtbike" back about 1980-82 and having an "impossible" time finding parts back then; I hope that their golf carts don't prove the same way. I never got to ride that thing even once; I'll tell later what happened to it (I will say that Dad and I were both P.O'd)

What should I be looking out for ("pitfalls" etc) in getting this cart ready to ride again? Anything "especially" hard to find (or work around) taht I should buy when I find whether I currently need or not for these?
Anyone have fenders and the center piece laying around they dont need?
I am South of chicago and preferably I would like to find these parts approx. between Chicago and Champaign IL. (so I can go and pick them up) A better body might be nice but I can work with the one I have OK. PS; will one from a 1980 H-D cart interchange?

One thing I can about guarantee; with my "liked" activities listed above, that I hope to use this cart in doing, golf certainly isnt among them; I hate golf!!!!

but when and IF I succeed in reviving "this" one; I may be interested in a tiller model H-D to go with it....


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Most of the engine parts and clutches are still available. Started gen can be rebuilt, carb too.
Clutches are available and parts to repair. Most people use fishing seats to replace missing or bad seats. Body parts not available and suspension is difficult for parts.
Donor cars are sitting around and with time and effort you can get what you need. Demand is way down because most campgrounds in the midwest have forbid three wheelers.
Got any questions give me a call I'm in southern Wisconson 45 min. north of Rockford.


Don B.

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I found an '80 model not far from me; left fender and center not badshape; (the worst 2 pieces on mine) but the rt fender and main body... whoa; this one is fixable as it hasnt been botched by someone that doesnt know fiberglass as the one I acquired is; so even though the main body is "rough" on the '80 it is more fixable than the body on mine.
No motor no rear end no wheels a frame and body with 2 nice seats for $20; I can scrap the frame and get about 1/3 of that back....

Don B.

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well I havent made it down to get that parts cart but I found another one that supposedly runs for a have-to-go-see kind of price with spare parts.

Don B.

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well I dont see an "EDIT" option; but I just got word that the running cart w/ the bad starter just sold.

Don B.

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yeah; I saw it listed Tues and the guy called me yesterday; I got "rough" instructions to his place; 3 hours away (I will be near there tomorrow) a couple hrs after talking to the guy I got an E mail saying it was "sold";
it was up right by the iL/WI border; and I have to go to WI tomorrow right past there (a trip I have known about for about 10 days now) so i have tried to do "everything" I could that I have wanted to get by that direction all in 1 "fell-swoop" rather than making 2 6 hr round trips within a couple days....