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I hope someone can tell help me with a question I have. Can you use 3 12 volt batteries in a 36 volt system instead of 6 - 6volt batteries? Is there any thing I have to change to do this? My cart is a 90 something 36 volt and has no batteries.



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Three 12 volt batteries will work but your run time will be a lot less than it will be with six golf cart batteries. The batteries life span will be short also. Your best bet is spend the cash and buy golf cart batteries if you plan on using the cart regularly.


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Riding around a flat yard or street so the load on the motor is low for short times between charges will probably work for a while. 18 holes with two in the cart and a few hills and you are going to be pushing.

The ability to store electrical energy in batteries is almost directly related to what they weight as lead is the important ingredient. Calculate the weight of the three 12v batteries you are considering then figure the weight of 6-6v batteries at about 63 pounds each. The problem with the three 12v's will become clear.