Newbie...State of charge?


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Howdy, all!

Got my first cart yesterday and love it! It is a 2004 CC IQ with a 6" Jakes lift, 22x11x10 tires and an Alltrax dcx500 controller. The place i got it from told me that when the battery light starts flashing I have 60% battery life and when it stays on it is down to around 40%. Is this right or wrong? I am tickled either way because me and a buddy went about 13 miles before the light started flashing....that is a lot more range than i had figured. What should the range be?

Thanks for all I have already learned by reading your forum and any other help.



Welcome to the forum...

With the 22" tires and the 500 amp controller I'd say that's about right on the mileage. You should get around 20 miles out of it when the light stays on, depending on the terrain and your speed.

Feel free to start a thread in the lifted cart forum and or the Club Car Drivers Club forum with some pics of the cart...