Newbie question on drive belt


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Hi a newbie here.

Got a 92 Ez-go Mfg code A0892 with a small lake house I got last year. Just before I took possion the area flooded and the cart was in the water. Totalled the Starter - generator. Just replaced it and it starts fine now.

However the drive belt is "loose" and the rear axle (cart is on stands) spins relatively slowly. How do I check the drive system and or drive belt tension?




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I think the clutch was under water (at least part of it) as it shows some rust on pully faces and nothing moves on it. So I realized that the drive clutch is frozen. Got a replacement and the got the clutch puller bolt off e-bay. Bingo. I can see the all the movement to make it work correctly.

Is there some "magic" secret to removing the drive clutch? Bolt has gone in and "locked up". Can't get it out right now and the clutch is still on the engine. :

Any suggestions?




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not very familiar with 2 strokes but i do not think there would be any difference you may need to pull the engine to remove the clutch .never pulled one but this is what i have been told by others who have tinkered with them more than i have.i asked the same question and was told it was almost impossible but i do not want to give you the wrong maybe hotrod or some of the others can provide you and i with the correct procedure.