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I'm new here; appreciate any ideas. 1982 2cycle that just jerks and jumps when trying to start standing still.

With a short (3-5 ft) push it starts easily and runs great under throttle but will not idle. When it dies - another

push. Took starter/generator to shop and it check ok, no problems. Battery seems hot enough but will not

turn the motor fast enough even with jump. Wiring to starter get rather hot during this process.


How do I tell type motor I have as far as getting points, etc?

Tanks much!!


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If the cart won't turn over even with a jump I'd say you either have a bad connection, bad cable or bad starter.


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well I hope someone comes up with an idea because my '83 just started doing the same thing. I rebuilt the starter a few monthes ago so I consider it good to go, but now when I go to start it, I hear the solenoid click and I am getting voltage to the starter. I do appear to be getting a lower voltage from the wire that comes from the voltage regulator. I replaced that wire when I rebuilt the starter. If I keep trying to start it, it will eventiallly turn over the started but slowly but if you push it a little the starter speeds up and will start. All this just started this weekend when I took it to the races. I was able to deal with this issue but then something happened to the rear end which put me back to walking. I'm going to start a new thread about this issue


I agree with HRC. If the wires to the starter are getting hot you either have a bad starter bad connections or a bad/weak battery. Make sure you have a good ground. The cart isnt supposed to idle so that part is normal.


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I have not checked anything on mine yet but got to thinking that since I put new brushes in the starter/generator, I may have a build up of carbon around the commutator from where the new brushes seated in. Rocking or pushing the cart might be finding the happy spot on the commutator, helping it get started. I did not have the plugs that goes on the openings of the starter so I made my own. That may be trapping dust from the brushes inside unit. When I tear it appart maybe I'll leave the hole in the bottom open this time to let the dust out. This is just my brain thinking, which can be scary!!!


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This happend to me years ago. It was the swing arm lost a good ground and the starter was using the choke cable for a ground. .