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I found this forum through a Goolge search, read a few posts and responses, and hope that someone can provide assistance.

I have a 2000 EZGO with PDS. Lately, the cart will run along just fine when suddenly it goes into regen braking (and beeping) and brings itself to a complete stop. If I let off the accelerator for a second or two, then press the accelerator, it takes off and may run without incident for two minutes or two hours then suddenly it re-occurs. This happens when the batteries are low, medium, or fully charged. The occurrences seem completely random.

Any thoughts?

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Hello and welcome to the forum Mike, I personally dont know that much about the electric carts but rest assured many on here do. Im sure they will help you in diagnosing your problems and help get you back on the road or course or trail or where ever you ride.


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Welcome to Cartaholics Mike!

I'll get the ball rolling. PDS carts started in 2001 if I remember correctly, so let's nail that part down first. Is your Forward/Reverse control a rocker switch next to your key? If so, your cart is a PDS.

Is this cart lifted with oversize tires, or bone stock from the golf course?
Has the cart been modified or serviced recently?
Can you read the sticker on the controller cover? It should tell you how to put the cart into "diagnostic mode" and give a fault code through the reverse alarm horn.
Do you have a digital voltmeter and know how to use it? We would want to know each battery voltage as well as the pack voltage when this condition occurs.
Is there ANY corrosion on ANY terminals?
Also, give each battery cable end a good tug and twist to rule out any cable failures.


Check the speed senor in the end of the motor for damage or corrosion. Putting it in maintance mod will help though for sure.