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Just bought the speed, med. hill, and steep hill chips from Radical Golf Carts. I installed the med. hill "chip" and noticed the cart applies the brakes itself on the smallest of hills. It even does it on level ground when letting off the gas. I did NOT notice any change when going up a hill. Is this the norm? I was hoping the chip would make the cart pull hills more easily as my son and I use it in the woods for hunting as often as we can. And by the way I would recommend Radical Golf Carts to anyone.


That is normal. The "Chips" as they are called, do not do anything for power on hills. They just change the amount of regenerative braking and provide a slight difference in speed on flat ground.


Well unfortunately that isn't what I was hoping for. Does the braking cause any charging of the batteries?


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There is no real difference with the performance plugs except for regen braking.
The freedom plug is the only one that eliminates the braking and increases the speed.
The regen capabilities on these carts are not very efficient as far as recharging (negligible) but it certainly provides enough regeneration to control the top speed and braking.


Thanks. I'm not really interested in going faster, my kids drive it around the neighborhood so I perfer the stock speed it has with no chip. I was hoping the chip would help it to go up semi-steep hills when my son and I are in the woods. It pulls them fine now, I was just thinking of wear and tear on the motor. You guys have been a big help, Thanks!!
You are looking for the Steep Hill jumper/chip. As noted they all have have regen braking at some speed and do not help on climbing hills at all.

The Steep Hill makes the cart safer on our hills because it limits the speed to 10 MPH with foot off of the pedal instead of 13 MPH with no chip.

The battery charging feature is interesting to watch with a digital VOM connected. I have our BatteryMINDer Model 36271 pigtail hanging out from under the seat and plug in our VOM at that point.