New to the golf cart world


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Hello all,
I just bought my first golf cart today. It is a 2 stroke ez go, I believe it is a Marathon. It appears to be from the early 80's as best i can tell. I really wanted a four stroke, but the price was right on this one so I nabbed it up. Can anyone here give me some thing to keep an eye out for, what kind of longevity I can expect out of this engine, is it a good engine? By the way I know this may seem crazy to you all, but I am actually using it for golf! This cart will only be used on a golf course. In your opinions, will this cart be fine for my golfing needs, or should I sell it and look for a four stroke? I really believe that I can turn this for a profit. It is turn key ready and is in fairly good shape. It needs a bath and that is about it. Are there any chronic problems I should be aware of if I keep this cart? Well your help and input in this will be greatly appreciated and I would like to say hi to all of you!

Thanx, Matt


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should be a good cart if you could turn a profit you may be able to purchase a 4 stroke which it sounds as though you realy want.


The old ezgo 2-strokers are very good engines. The smoke and fumes get old especially on a golf course. You can't beat a electric golf cart for playing golf. A 4-stroke would be my second choice and a 2-stroke would be my third choice for golf.