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Hey guys. Just wanted to show my cart off. Had someone from buggiesunlimited point me in this direction. Here's a pic. Its a 1996 C.C. 48V, Satin Black Enamel, Diamond tread rockers, diamond tread dash panels, diamond tread pedals, tinted windshield, 16-6.5-8 tires with port-a-walls, headlights, l.e.d taillights, red seats, three spoke grant steering wheel, Pioneer CD player, 2 - 6 1/2" Pioneer speakers, flame floor mats, all roof supports and other aluminum has been brushed,
This was a complete frame up rebuild. Nothing hasn't been touched.


Hi same_me and welcome.... Glad you made it.
Your cart looks very good.


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I love DIAMOND PLATE and black paint. It don't get no better than that! Your cart looks great, How bout some more pictures.