New (to me) Yamaha 1980 G1


Hi all, after taking my teens out for a driving lesson in my truck and the oldest high centering my 2500 HD Z71 on the frame rails and taking the driveline out in the process I decided to get a golf cart to help them figure out driving. Their bio father who the y live with during the week has no interest in teaching them anything, so at 16 and 15 they had never been behind a wheel. found the 1980 Yamaha G1, for free. it will not run, turns over and has spark. hoping I just need to replace the gaskets and crank seals, do a carb job and maybe the fuel pump too. The boys will be doing most of the work, it's a twofer, they get wrenching experience and then a drivers ed mobile too. I have already gotten a bunch of great info and looking forward to getting more.

thank you