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Howdy folks! First post on the forum. Got a '03 Precedent with no batteries but with a charger in trade for some work back in August of '16. It had been sitting outside for who knows how long on flat tires and empty battery box, which was emptied probably by thieves as there was a red and a black stub wire where the batteries had apparently been cut out of it.

Anyway, it sat for a year, again outside, due to no time to monkey with it, and then Harvey ensured that I wouldn't have time for a while longer to really even have time to THINK about it (we're less than ten miles from Harvey's initial landfall track.) Finally, last week I got tired of walking the fences on the 9 acre pasture I keep some cows in and went and robbed batteries from tractors, son's pickup, you name it, to come up with 48 volts' worth of juice to see if the thing would move. A trip to Wallyworld for some battery cables and boat post adapters and replacement terminal ends and the big moment: jump the switch wires and mash the GO pedal. It tried to climb the flat spots on its tires! YAY! (Yeah, I didn't even blow up the tires before seeing if it'd at least make some clicking noises LOL)

After son and I high-fived, out comes the propane jug and air hose and blew up the dry-rotted tires and drove it from the back fence to the barn to see if the charger would kick in. It did. Yay again.

Son kept looking at the tires and told me he'd be back in a few minutes. Turns out he did a cleanup of a blown-over shed back after the hurricane and one of the finds in the shed was an entire set, with spare, of golf cart wheels/tires. Probably the guy upgraded to some snazzy wheels and just hung onto his stock ones. Long story short, it's got almost-new tires on it now.

Now.... for batteries, so all the other stuff could have its batteries back. Friend of mine has an RV with four Group 31 deep cycles for its onboard power. He'd been talking about replacing them just on account of because they're 2 years old. Told him I'd buy his current ones for double the core value if he wanted to replace 'em and he took me up on it. So anyway, they're in there, charger was on it overnight, and rode the fences yesterday morning and it did the job admirably, in and out of drainage district ditches, up and over tank dirt deposits, pretty much anywhere I wanted to go, it went just happy as a clam. And so was I :)

Today when I was out, the front end started clanking and the steering wheel wasn't setting straight when going straight. Got up under the front and discovered that apparently the bushings in the control arms were dry-rotted and they came apart with the rough terrain. Found a "control arm bushing kit" on Amazon, want to make sure I'm getting the right thing. Looks like kinda sorta what's under there or more accurately not under there:

I'm sure I'm going to have questions about this thing or that, and looking forward to participating on the forum as I learn more about this thing.

The pic is still sitting on its dry rotted tires and with the motley assortment of questionable batteries in it.


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I don't see a way to edit. Oh well. That link I copied and pasted above was the wrong part, I just noticed as I was shutting down tabs...