New to golf carts


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How new? I am 66 years old and rode in my first golf cart this past Saturday! I rode in a 2002 IQ Club Car. Obviously, I don't golf. My wife and I recently purchased an RV lot just West of Orlando, Florida, and would like to purchase a golf cart in the $2500 range. I think that puts us in the 2000-2004 years depending on condition. I like the Club Car because of the aluminum frame (sounds good to me). I like the idea of a gas engine since I have been around them all my life, but I think the electric might be better for us since I am assuming that there would be less maintenance (?). I no nothing about electric vehicles, and I see things like IQ, regen, etc. and don't know what is important and what is hype. Also, is there something that shows what year major imporvements have been made by Club Car? I would hate to get one and then find out that I should have purchased a year newer! Also, 36 volts/48 volts. Is there a reason to pick one over the other. Also, I hear there are "high speed" motors...what's that about? My driving would be limited to short runs (less that a mile each way), with a few small hills (all on pavement). Thanks in advance for any advise you can share. Jim


Hi and welcome to the forum.

I would say you're right track to buy the years you mentioned for the money you want to spend. As far as gas or electric that's a choice you need to think about. For what you say you'll be using the cart for a electric cart should do the job fine. Look around and do some pricing and find the cart you like. If your going to go with a Club Car electric I would recommend a controller cart over a resistor cart. A IQ Club Car can be programmed by a dealer to run approx 19 MPH for around 100 dollars and should still be fine for the small hills you mentioned. Their's many members here who know a lot more about the Club Cars than I do so see what others have to say. And feel free to ask as many questions as you need to, to help you make the right decision on your purchase.