New to golf carts, have a 2006 Precedent


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Hello ladies and gents- I work for a lithium battery supplier in Salt Lake. It didn't take long there to recognize how cool our batteries would be in a golf cart, so we headed down to our local dealer and picked up a 2006 CC Precedent, just off a local country club.
2 months later here we are with a cart we totally love. (Well, a few carts... we couldn't stop at just one!) Lithium batteries and golf carts were made for each other. For a while people have said that lithium is too expensive, but the prices have settled over the last couple of years. A 12v lithium battery costs less than $300, completely outperforming Trojan T-1275's and lasting 4 times as many cycles.
It's been fun getting into this and I look forward to lots of interesting banter about just about anything. I may ask questions from time to time, but I'm mostly here to spread the good word that it's finally time to ditch lead-acid.