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I just bought what i think is a 1988 ez go gas powered cart. Robin engine 244cc. Model#ec25ds- Motor#116690. Good Batt. Solanoid is good, Spark@ the plug, Took the belt from the motor to the differeanceal off, pressed the gas peddle while turning the motor over,try's to start but won't. Most of the time i get clicking sound. Does this have a starter/gen.? I sure can't find one. I tryed to find a manual (free) but found it impossable for me to find. Please help.


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has this 88 been sitting for a while, kind of sounds like its not getting fuel, and the clicking is probably bad connections. go through all the connections and make sure there good, not saying this will work but take off the vacuum hose to the fuel pump, very bottom tube. and blow back into it and see if you can hear oil gurgleing back into the engine, this will limit your vacuum pulse for the pump. happends on the old ezgos