New To Golf Cart Just Got a Club Car and Need Some Information


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So I'm new to golf carts and just got my first Club Car and don't know were to start. It is a 99 and 48v i guess with 6 batteries and no charger. I work with the guy I got it from and he said it ran the last time he charged it with his friends charger. Either way I only spent a $150 buck so I still think it is worth it.

Is there a way to tell more information about the golf cart by the model #? A9916-758725

Can I check the batteries with my Voltmeter and how?

Is there a way to know the motor works?

Anything that you guys could tell me to get me started would be a great help.



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Welcome to the forum.
Borrow your friends charger and charge it up before you start trouble shooting.
I'm not a CC guy but it could be 36v or 48v, count the fill holes in the batteries. If they have 3 holes, they are 6v, if they have 4 holes they are 8v.
You need a digital meter to check your batteries. It is a series connected battery system. You can check the total pack voltage using the + on one end and the - on the other end of the string. You can also test batteries individually without disconnecting them.
Before we get too far into it, we need to know if it is 36v or 48v.


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well I just got a new 48v charger for $175 hooked it up and it started charging. I dont know if its bad to do this or not but once the charger was hooked up and running i couldnt wait to see if it actually was going to move so I put it in F and hit the gas. It seems like it is knocking before moving but I guess that could be because the batteries are super low right? When I disconnected the charger after running it about 20 mins it just knocked real bad and wouldnt move. Any Ideas why?

How long should I charge it before trying it again?


First make sure the batteries don't need water. If the plates are exposed fill them with distilled water until the plates are just covered. Let the charger run until it shuts off or 16 hours whichever comes first. The "knocking" is probably from the low battery voltage and should go away after a complete charge if the batteries are any good. Good luck and let us know how it goes. :thumbsup:


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Ok so I'm in deep.

After a full nights charge I went out to test drive and the cart went about 3 mph. Since the cart has been sitting for a long time I decided to break it down and clean it up. The rear brakes were pretty locked up, the rear end was completely dry (inside), the cables and terminals were corroded and something is completely broken off on the front end (pic below).

So I got the brakes working but some how broke the part that holds the parking brake.

Cleaned out and filled the Rear end with 75-90 syn.

Replaced all the cables with 4 gauge and cleaned all terminals.

Have no Idea what to do with front end.

So after doing all this when I read the battery voltage it is some where between 8.15 and 8.25 but the key was turned all day. when I took it for a test drive it still probably only got up to 6-7 mph. Any Idea why?

My other problem is the front end what's. wrong with it? Is there a way I can fix it with a lift kit? Or am I going to have to fix whatever's wrong with it and then lift it?

This forum has been great and has gotten me this far and I appreciate any further help.




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If this is after being charged, they're only at 60%, I would say the batteries are shot. Check your voltages after driving it around for awhile. If any of the batteries are 8.0v or lower, they're done.


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After a charge 3 are at 8.75 and 3 are 8.85 it seems to be every other one. The over all voltage was at 52 and then I drove it around and it was at 49.5