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Hello everyone,
I never knew there were golf cart forums. I own 9 Harley Davidson carts. I acquired them from a long time friend who had no use for them. One of them is in great shape. I use it when I go camping and around my yard. As for the others, I have not decided what to do with them. None of them are running right now. I thought I might sell them or part them out. Or rebuild them one at a time. I believe I could get 6 or 7 of them going. One is a basketcase. I have torn it apart and have most of the parts. If you are in need of any parts, I will be more than happy to sell them to you. I live in Connecticut. I am not in the business of selling or repairing golf carts. However, because I have so many carts I have set up an email account just to move parts and/or carts. Here it is, [email protected], email me with your needs and I will see what I can do for you. (sorry fellas, The soft top is not for sale. It is going on my cart).

Here is my inventory,
1) 1974 3B model, basket case.
2) 1976 3B model, complete
3) 1970 B1 model, Steering wheel style. (no engine)
4) 1968 D model, complete
5) 1977 3B model, (no engine) I do have a spare for it.
6) 1976 3B model, complete
7) 1970 3B model, complete
8) 1972 3B model, engine missing top end

Here is a pic of the my running carts


Here is my cart,