New to ezgo carts


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Stupid question, but I just got a 1980 ezgo cart not running and looking at it there is not a starter/generator on it. Does that year have one cuz I don't see where the wires are even at for it. Also I would like to see a picture of the engine of someones cart of that year. Model # is 80c9 that is an 1980 right.


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If I am not mistaking that year had a internal generator, there should be wires coming from the regulator going to and behind the fan cover case. Its runs directly off the engine. Too get to it you have to pull the cover and then pull the pulley, it might be easier to have the engine out to get to it. Before doing this see what other have to say about this.

Also when you say it wont run, are you getting any spark and gas flow? If you are, you might trying to jump start it via the solenoid and see if it will go. (Jack it up first so it doesn't take off, (I had a bad experience))

By the way there are NO stupid questions.
Hope this helps.