New To Carts 1999 EZGO TXT

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Located in Springfield, Illinois. Just bought one this last week, and am getting to know a little about it.

Had no idea about carts before, but watning one to use at Disney and maybe some other parks.

Paid $1,600 for it with year old batteries and the golf bag holders. I believe it to be a 36V 1999 EZGO TXT DCS by looking at the tag and the rest of the cart.

Going to paint it, put on a street legal light kit and rear seat kit, some rear view mirrors and replace the front seat and put on a rear pring kit to help hold the weight of the 3 adults and 4 little ones. It has the white body and white plastic roof on it for now, and some decent tires and turbofan looking mag wheels.

Grandkids loved riding around in the yard on Christmas and will really enjoy it when it is done.

Hopefully it won't be that difficult.

First thing I need to do is replace the keyed switch, I have to wiggle the keys araound for 5 minutes to get it to turn to hte on position. After that I have no problem with it running down the road or around the yard. It fits just right on my small trailer.

Also the little red LED voltage meter stays on when the key is off and completely out of the ignition. Is it supposed to be lit all the time?

Look forward to getting some advice and seeing how others have worked on their carts. Will post some before, during and after pictures when I get the chance.


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Here are the rest of the before pictures.


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Well, after reading a ton of posts and looking around and reading some advice from several members,

I ordered a GTW Mach 3 rear seat kit, 4 leaf rear spring kit, new keyed ignition switch, an Instamatic LED street legal light kit
and got some bigger used wheels and tires from a friend that upgraded his cart.

Now just waiting on the delivery and ready to work on it with friends and my kids and grandkids.

Still have to order a grab bar and seatbelts, and rear view mirrors and new front seat upholstery to match the new rear seat.

Also need a new tinted windshield and tan color roof, possibly even the longer one.

Should be a lot of fun, and cant wait to pick out the color with the grandkids and paint the body.

Hope to have it all done for a trip to Disney in Florida and driving around the Fort WIlderness with the kids.

Thanks for all the helpo so far, and I will post pictures when its done.

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Got the new ignition installed and it works great.
Installed the rear seat kit and ordered the safety grab bar and hitch.
Installed the 4 leaf rear spring kit and it makes it ride so much better.
Installed the street legal light kit with horn and turn signals. Very bright and was'nt that hard with
a little help from a friend.
Still looking at wheels and tires to raise it just a little bit, and possibly a windshield.

Retired last week, so I have the time to do all this with a little helpers in the Grandkids.

This gold cart stuff is fun, and I can seee myself doing this again and upgrading a little bit each time.

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Here is how it looks so far.
Know I will test run it for a few weeks until it gets warm, and then take it all apart, paint and wheels and tires, and put it all back together.
Thanks for all the know how and suggestions from those with experience.
It made it a lot easier, especially since most items came with no directions or very bad instructions.
The Grandkids are loving the new toy!


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Looking good! I would probably recommend, when the time comes, upgrading to lithium (LifePO4) batteries. Eliminates unnecessary weight as well as stronger power.