New Project


I sold my chevy today so with that and my snowmobile engine sold I have a total of $1600 for my new project. I am thinking of taking an old 3 wheel atc that is complete and running and put it in a ezgo marathon. I plan to cut the front end off at the handle bars and make a mounting bracket for it to attach similair to how the front of the engine swing arm on a txt attaches to the cart. Useing the atc rear end position it, the engine and atc engine frame in its new location on the cart lineing everything up and bolt the atc engine frame to the cart. Weld a bar across the golf cart frame near the old top shock mounts and bolt the new single coil over shock on it.

This is just my rough 10 second overview plans for this project. I wanted to pass the general idea by the pros before I start to see what yall think. Any pointers? Thank you!