New Owner / Old Pargo Restoration


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I just got an old Pargo 3 wheel cart today. Its a basket case. Heres what I got:
-Data plate serial number 46-6024
-3 wheel tiller steer
-7 solenoids
- belt drive (3 of them)

Its all there except the seats
-The chassis is going to need some weld repairs and reinforcement, there is some corrosion at some critical places, I have access to welder.
- Leaf springs are gone. I believe the front attachment points are corroded and broken off.

These are my questions Id like to ask at this time:
1-Does anyone have pictures or info on the front attachment points for the leaf springs?
any info on the rear suspension is welcomed,dimensions spring type , rate ect.

2-Does anyone have a picture or diagram for the batteries physical arrangement?
I believe the battery rack has been modified for 3 -12volt batteries. any info welcomed.

3-how is the steer tiller removed?
What type of fastener is that at the base, is it a internal hex set screw? alot of rust there.

OK, thanks for reading my post, any help is very welcomed. I'm off top PB Blast some more !!


Welcome to the forum...

Take a look through the "Other Golf Cart Manufactures Resource" forum and you should be able to find a diagram. I can't help with the pictures but someone else may have some.


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I have discovered a short in the brush holder harness in the motor and Im looking for some wire to fabricate a new harness for one set of the brushes, which by the way appear to be almost new. This cart did sit outside unused I suspect, for several years.

Now...the solenoids have alot of corrosion on the surface of the cases. I would not be at all surprised if a majority of them need to be replaced. Can someone tell me what solenoids I need? Is there is any difference someone can make me aware of in regard to the solenoids other than voltage, contact surface type & short or long case? Do I need just a 36 volt solenoid for replacement if I find a bad one?

I figured the battery arrangement out.