New on this forum and just saying hello.


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Hello everyone.
I have been on a few other cart forums but I am new here. I have read a few post but this is my first post.
I have a 94 Yamaha G9 gas cart. It has 10 inch ITP wheels with 22 inch Carlisle all trail tires, K&N filter with pre filter, rejeted carb, Jakes 6 inch lift, G16 rear shocks, Dixie power clutch kit, and a few other things done to it. It is currently in the body shop for paint. I will post some pictures of it when I get it put together after the paint shop finishes with it. When ever that happens, they have had the plastic for almost a month and still need a couple of days prep time on it before they spray color.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and through out a little info about my G9.
While I am at it has anyone used the diamond plate fuel door replacement that is on Ebay?
Any other tips on a replacement fuel door would be great. I bought a new one but it looks like it will break after a couple of times being open and closed. I just hate to have the paint guy put color on it just to have it break in a few days.



Hi BigDav and welcome to the forum. How's the cart coming along? Post some pics of the paint job when it's done.