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Hey everyone!! I am new to this cartiing thing, but I am hooked sooooo bad. I bought a 1992 EZGO Marathon Gas 4 Stroke. It is stock at the moment, but I am in the middle of installing a 4" lift, and adding some 22" Mudbusters. Had to replace the front springs, and shocks. Found one broken spring, and just thought the shocks needed to be changed.
It has a top, windshield, lights and rear seat so far. I am going to drive it for this summer the way it is, but then over the winter I plan on painting it, and adding some diamond plate trim to it. I am painter, so the paint job should be no problem. I have also adjusted the governer, to hopefully get some more speed out of it. We will be using it at the campground eveery weekend, and there are lots of places around the campground to go offroading.
Anyone have any other ideas to add to the cart? I wil hopefully be taking some pics this weekend when I get the lift done.


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Yeppers, this cart thing can be addicting! I prefer the non-lifted carts myself, but I do appreciate what the lifted carts can do, so good luck with your buggy.

BTW, there are plenty of gas Marathons at our campground too. They seem to run forever!


Welcome EazyGo...

Marathons are very tough carts and look nice lifted for sure. Keep us updated on the upgrades...


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WOW!! What a blast!! went out this weekend with a couple of guys from the campground, mudding, hill climbing trail riding, and rock crawliing. THey told me that they had never seen so much mud before. At one time, we had all 3 carts stuck up to the floorboards. I was able to crawl my way out, and we hooked up 2 tow straps between the 3 carts. We finally were able to get out, but we hadnt even made it out to where the trails were.
I have some pics that I will post when my wife gets home from work. ( i dont know much about these computers yet.) All I can say, is that I cant wait until this weekend.