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My WebpageJust thought I would take this time to introduce myself, My name is Terry and I mainly collect and restore classic cars but since buying my first Golf cart a few weeks ago Im now Hooked ! I went out a few days later and bought my business a Toyota Hybrid also. I have done quite a few nice upgrades to my 81 Club Car and have really been enjoying cruising up and down the Canals here in Chandler Arizona. Ill post more soon and also some new pictures of the cart, Its great to meet you all here and thanks for allowing me to join this Group.


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Welcome Terry! Glad to have you aboard.

Jump right in, and remember to give COPB and JRay a hard time occaisionally. They seem to thrive on it....


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Thanks for the nice welcome !!!!........Always too many projects here in Arizona, Was 114 degrees today and had to juggle a few of my Classic Cars out of the shop and into the yard so I could fire up the A/C and work on my cart.........Summers are killers here but thank God for Air Conditioning, I am going to frame off my cart and repaint soon but will wait for October so I dont Melt in the heat !......Here is a link to a few videos of the new cart cruising a canal near my home in Arizona My Webpage


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I enjoyed your videos. I am pleased to see, by your gas price sticker on the golf cart, that you lean more to our Tucson viewpoint than that of Phoenix.