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Hello Cartaholics my name is Adam. I live in Arizona and about a year and a half ago I traded a custom build VW based sandrail that my friend I built for an E-Z-Go golf cart, without a title. The rail would not idle without massively cleaning the idle jets every time I tried to drive the damn thing so I gave up on it after about $3500 and a year.

So now I have this cart and I have been trying to sell it but I am thinking about just keeping it now. I need the money, but not that bad. Here is what is going on.

1. On the left and right side of the "dashboard" there are cracks. Is this normal? Is it metal so I can just weld the cracks closed and do some grinding and sanding to prep the surface for paint?

2. The cart seems to slow down going uphill. Like, really slow down to a crawl. Any ideas?

3. Does anyone have a picture of the stock intake setup and where the hell the battery goes? I have no filter on the intake right now because that is where my battery is and I cannot find anything that fits.

When I got the cart I did some rewiring on it because I was not happy with the way the wiring was done. I also added some new break / running lights. At the same time I replaced the fuel filter and the main belt however, none of this made the cart run any better. Now I have not really looked at the carts engine in awhile as it is at my parents house because I have no room in my garage for it right now but I want to do a compression test on it.

4. What should the compression be at? What's a good range?

5. Is doing a compression test on a golf cart the same as a normal vehicle?

6. What kind of 2 cycle oil do most of you use? What octane gas do most of you use?

7. Anyone know where I can find a how to on the Governor? I am not sure it is still on the cart, but I want to know what I am looking for when I am ready.

8. Who / where do you buy your parts from and who is the cheapest with the best customer support and knowledge? Online or local, doesn't matter.

Any other information, tips or tricks would be awesome! I am going to do some more browsing to see if any of my questions have already been answered.

Thank you!


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Welcome Adam
most them battery's sat on a tray on the pass side. pictures always help


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Ask and you shall receive...

When I first got it, the battery was in the back. (Like that "bed"? I don't! Will be removing soon unless the cart sells)

Motor before I did some rewiring.

Passenger side crack.

Driver side crack.

After rewiring and a little cleanup.

Current battery location. Look at the top of the image on the left!

Cart from the rear driver side

One more question: if you were to try to sell this cart without a title with a brand new stereo with auxiliary inputs and two speakers, what would you ask for it? It runs fine except a small back fire when letting off the gas from WOT (wide open throttle) and is a bit loud due to the muffle needing to be replaced.


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yep, grind out that bondo and weld em cracks right up and thats where the battery belongs

prices are way differnt around country. any running 4 wheeled gas cart is 700 and up around here


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Awesome! Thank you for the reply and your .02, much appreciated. I have been trying to get $900 to $1000 for it. I have had a few calls but only one person come and actually see it and he ended up buying a different one I am guessing since he never called or came back.

I will go ahead and start sanding / grinding it down once I have the space in my garage to get it to my house. I will probably end up pulling the body off and replacing the suspension and stuff eventually.

If the battery belongs there, then what does the intake filter look like? There isn't much room for one and I cannot find a picture anywhere online of what this carts engine bay might look like stock.


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the air filter looks like a canister that bolted to the frame next to the batt. any K/N style atv filter with same size inlet as the hose from carb will do fine, piece of pvc tubing and clamp em down and wire it outta the way. or make a mount.


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regarding a "how to" on the governor, check ebay and if they're available, it'll have a pix of one on there and you can see if you have one that looks like it, then you'll know if you have one or not. that's what I did, mine didn't, but it has one now. hope this helps.