New LED bulbs conundrum


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My 93 DS has factory headlights and brake lights installed. Since I bought the cart a little over a year ago I've been bothered by the fact that the driver's side brake light, with headlights off, is very dim compared to the passenger side. When the headlights are on both tail lights are equally bright but when the brakes are applied the driver's side light goes out completely.

I just purchased LED 1157 bulbs for the tail lights to replace the incandescents. So now with the LED bulbs installed the passenger tail light is the only one that works period. Any ideas on what to check for to sort this out? Fyi the passenger LED bulb is much brighter than the incandescent bulb it replaced.

The LED 9004 bulbs are extremely bright and they seem to put much more useable light on the road than the halogens. A strange issue with the LED headlights now is that they turn on when the brakes are applied. If you apply the parking brake the headlights turn on when the first pawl is engaged. They turn off once you depress the pedal past the first pawl.

I reinstalled the old bulbs to see if something I did caused the issues but the symptoms only exist with the LED bulbs installed. I'll do some trouble shooting this weekend but does anyone have any ideas on where to start looking? I'd love to keep the LED bulbs but it appears it may not be an option with this older cart.




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LED bulbs are slightly different lower resistance when I got my light kit the rear lights are very dim I ended up re-wiring their harnesses. diode’s may block so you only have one way of turning them on
And there harness may be made for incandesce only
Call the manufacture first