New hd F&R switch


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Replaced F&R switch with new hd F&R switch. seemed very hard to switch back and forth by hand when I took it out of the box. installed switch and as expected handle by leg almost won't move it without extreme pressure. Would it be a no no to loosen middle nut on back side of switch to get it to switch easier? 1995 Electric EZ go


As long as it has a lock nut like it should you can back it off a little to make it shift easier. Don't loosen it to much though.


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If you loosen it to far you'll defeat the purpose of having the hd switch.


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check the linkage bar. make sur it not hitting anything be careful not to loosen the nut to much if you running high volts you'll burn it up. use a electrical greese.


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switch rod is not binding against anything but it does not look the rod I see on different parts sites. This one has a swivel on each end instead of solid ends I see on the parts sites. Is the swivel end rod the original and they have just changed the design or could this be something someone just riged up to work?