New Guy With Old Club Car Golf Cart

Thank you. Crashed a bike back in 03 that put me in the wheelchair, built that trike.
Year's later and a divorce it's just pictures.
But the wheels/motor sickness is still in me and here we are with an old rat cart and a new chapter in this crazy life.

That was a Kawasaki ZRX 1100, Suzuki Samurai rear axle modded for chain drive and I rode the piss out of it. Lol
Here in North Florida it's perfect, took the ol cart out for about a 6 mile roll around my little town, may have used a quart of gas.
Need to rig up some hand controls, the stick I'm using to push the peddle is kinda redneck..
I wish shipping wouldn't be so much, I'd love to trade someone my front body/hood with lights for one without them.
Got a custom light idea but need to start with a blank hood.
No one local has one or would wanna trade.
Dang new ones are like $400
Man this thing sips gas.. loving it.
Put a good 15 miles on it and used maybe a qt of gas.

It has an adjustment screw and what looks like a fuel jet screwed in the top of the carb, how would I know if it's running lean ? Exhaust pipe seems to get Very hot, or more likely the muffle is plugged up, but that's about to get swapped out for a new one.