New Golf Cart Differentials

Hi All, If anybody needs a differential, Surplus Center out of Lincoln Nebraska has them. F/N/R built in, hydraulic drum brakes for $349.95. Depending on location shipping wasn't too bad. I've found them to be good folks to do business with.


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Thanks for the tip. I'll file that one away.

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Thanx Guys, Glad to help. Ace, I'm not sure if they are for gas or electric, you might be able to make it work for either one, I thought it said the input shaft is keyed not splined so my 89 clutches wouldn't work. A small car master cylinder with the booster removed could work for the brakes, as I recall some homebuilt airplanes had very compact master cylinders that I know would be well suited for a cart and they ran poly plastic brake lines which made it a lot easier to install. Hope this helps a little.