New EMP Motor Installed This Weekend


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Installed my new EMP 2 speed motor and switch this weekend in my 1997 EZ-GO TXT. Took about 30 minutes. Went in and out from the top. Install and hook-up a breeze.

The cart really runs fast both on level ground and up hills. I was passing other electric carts and some gas ones.

If you are installing a motor in a cart like mine I can give you some pointers that I learned on my installation. Even with learning some tricks, it stilll took only about 30 minutes.

I am very pleased and just don't know why anyone would want to run slow again!!


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Great! Glad it went well.
Which config did you get?
Which controller are you running?
Did you take pix of the upgrade process?


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I got the LR5.0. It is very fast on level ground and climbs hills much faster. In fact, I just leave it in speed mord and don't switch to torque. When I add my rear seet and take 4 people, I expect I will have to go to torque mode on hills.

i forgot to take pictures, but it was about as easy and straight-forward as one could expect.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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I thinking about 60 MPH (LOL).....Seems like that fast when compared to stock. Probably more around 25 MPH.


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Where did you get the EMP motor from? I've been thinking about putting a 2 speed motor in my cart. I have a 2004 lifted EZ-GO. I use it for hunting and some trail riding. Maybe the two speed motor will solve my low end pulling problems.