New Club Car Golf Cart and Camper


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We had one good weekend, new camper, lot and new Club Car golf cart. We went to the campground to check on our camper and lot and were driving around the campground looking at the campers and lots for sale. There was one lot we always looked at because it was off in a corner kind of off by itself with plenty of shade and a big lot, it just happened to be for sale. I called the number and the guy drove from an hour away to show it to us we bought it on the spot. We got the lot, camper and Club Car golf cart for less then the cart is worth. Plus we sold our camper and lot we already had an hour later. I figured I would post some pics to show what we got




If you got the lot you wanted and it sounds like a great one, the golf cart was a bonus. :thumbsup:


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We live in Decatur In about 20 miles south of Ft Wayne the place we camp about 40 miles south of Decatur in Portland In at Paradise Point