New Club Car Experience


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Just ran across this forum and signed up tonight. Purchased a dirt cheap remanufactured Club Car Precedent, 2008
remanufactured 2007 cart. I was not able to achieve the advertised 19.6 MPH. The dealer sent out a tech and the
tech found that the "private speed codes" had not been entered at the factory when it was shipped to the dealer
as specified by the dealer. The dealer started attempting to get the codes but found that Club Car ties the VIN
number & processor serial number to the three codes. Problem was that Club Car's computers had crashed and
when they attempted to load the backups they would not load. Took Club Car 10 days to get it all sorted out.
I paid $4500 minus a $1500 trade in for my 10 year old Melex cart. A "new/unused" cart for $3000 difference seemed
too good to turn down. From what I have seen on the web a price of $4500 seemed reasonable and it would appear
I got a good value on my trade in. Looks like this forum has a lot of good information. Today I installed an LED "electron
fuel gauge". I installed a rear window to keep rain and dirt out of the cart rear storage while parked-nice part, made in Calif.
Cart now does 20 MPH on my GPS on flat surface and about 15 MPH up a reasonable grade.



Congrats on the new club car.