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I currently have a 2002 EZGO TXT Series cart. I would like to have a faster cart that is lifted with larger tires and a back seat. The neighborhood does have quiet a few hills as well. Anyone have any opinion on upgrading my cart verses just purchasing a different one? I have considered switching to a club car and lifting it as well. Pretty much everything I have thought about doing would cost $4k but I don't know which one would give me the best cart in the end for the money?

I would be happy with 18-20 mph but I dont want to be really slow on hills... Any advice would be great


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An all stock Ezgo series cart with 18" tires and a 4000rpm motor will go about 18mph.
Add a 500a controller and 2ga cables will haul a$$ up the hills.
With 23" tires it will go 22mph.
You could also rewind the motor for more speed for about $250.
Changing the rear axle ratio to 8:1 will give you an additional 30% more speed but you would also have a 30% reduction in torque.